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What is Computer Science?

Computers are everywhere, from smart phones to intelligent refrigerators. Technology might seem like magic, but computer science explores the secrets behind it.

Most young people today are very comfortable using computers and technology, so it’s easy to assume there’s no point in studying computing. However, computer science isn’t simply about using digital tools, it also involves exploring how these technologies work. Studying computer science can help young people develop skills to solve problems, invent new things, and create new technologies for the future.

People without computing skills are limited to using the websites, apps, and games that are already available. People with computing skills, on the other hand, are in a position to turn their ideas into reality, and to make the things that will shape the future of computers.

The world is digital
The world is becoming increasingly digital. Computers control a lot of the basics of modern life, from paying for things to driving cars, and from hospitals to satellites.

Skills for thinking
Programming is a large part of computer science, but it involves more than simply stringing together a list of commands. Before any code is written, we must think about what we are trying to achieve in a step-by-step manner in order to see and overcome problems. We call this computational thinking, and it can be useful for things that don’t involve computers at all.