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We are on a mission to inspire the next generation to be coders and not Kardashians. Coding is a future life skill and instills complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. In future, all industries will become STEM based with 95% of the jobs requiring digital & technology literacy, while 45% of jobs requiring proficiency in computational thinking.

We believe that for building a strong foundation in computer science, students should start early. The course has been tailored by professional and qualified engineers. Our learning methods ensures that the child is engaged and motivated to learn, with practical skill based learning to solve problems of tomorrow.

Why choose us ?


Curriculum friendly – to meet OFSTED requirements


Expert support whenever you need it

low price

Low-cost alternative to extra staff or on-going training

flexible time

Flexible learning to suit your timetable

regular updates

Regularly updated, always relevant


Personalised to fit your school’s branding

Become a part of this exciting journey and join hundreds of schools across India, whose teachers and students are now confidently coding—thanks to Code Squad courses.

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Code Squad courses are perfect for teaching the secondary computing curriculum.
Our courses teach students how to code by building functional websites and apps—without the need for expensive staff training or extra resource.

We’re here to make teaching the next generation easy.

If you’re struggling with choosing the right materials, keeping your staff up-to-date, or wondering how to keep your materials relevant.

Our courses can be completed in just 12 weeks, or organised around your timetable.

Students work independently, while the teacher provides support and encouragement.
Each course is structured to inspire teachers, motivate students and get them ready for the digital world.

The Animation World

Duration : 2 Years

Introduction to Coding for Beginners (Block-Based Coding)Learn all coding concepts such as Loops, Conditions, Sequential Thinking, Debugging, Algorithms using activity-based learning. Students create multiple small games and animations by the end of the 60 sessions ( included in 4 level )

The Game Changer

Duration : 2 Years

Introduction to Coding Advanced (Block-Based Coding)Learn advanced coding concepts such as Loops, Conditions, Flowcharts, Algorithms using activity-based learning with an introduction to JavaScript. Students learn game designing and start creating complex games such as Mario, shooting game and so on by the end of 64 sessions .

My web world!!

Duration : 1 Year

Website Designing (Text-Based Coding)

Indulge in creating websites using HTML and CSS. This introduces students to their first-ever computer language. This level engages students’ creativity and ensures every student creates a website on the internet in the 22 sessions.

The App Designer

Duration : 2 Years

App Designing (Block-Based Coding)Students learn to create their own app which can be dynamically tested on their phones! Thus, giving them an understanding of how professional UI designers/ coders work together. The apps can also be uploaded on Playstore*post the 36 sessions.

Python — Beyond Coding

Duration : 2 Years

Python Programming (Text-Based Coding)Python is the most used programming language today as it is used to create apps and games. The compact and effective curriculum is designed to ensure students learn this langugage in a fun, engaging manner with a focus on practical projects every session. By the end of the 40  sessions, they can create their own game in Python.