New to coding? Come and join us for a workshop and pick up a new skill in just 2 hours!  With many special themed programmes to choose from, pick a slot of your choice and you’re all set to begin your journey into programming.

Students will design their own programs, using an array of materials and learn to code with a different theme each time. Whether it is creating a digital Mother’s Day Card or a pedometer with a sensor, be spoilt for choice with our selection of workshops.

Write your first program and gift it to your family and friends! Join us for a themed workshop today!

Course Structure
Level 1
  • Meet Javascript
  • Structure of Javascript Program
  • Data types & Variables
  • Strings
  • Logical Operators
  • Data structures: Arrays
  • Programming Challenges
Level 2
  • Objects
  • Webservers & Webpages
  • HTML Fundamentals
  • Layout & design a basic web page
  • Creating sections
  • Embedding Javascript in HTML
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Programming challenge: Random String generator
  • Creating Hangman Game
  • Design using pseudocode
  • Coding the game
  • Functions
Level 3
  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS properties & attributes
  • Embedding CSS in web page
  • CSS classes
  • Build a web page
  • Create a password
  • Build an app
  • Plan a route
  • Make a game
  • Finished website
Program duration

8 months

Age Group

4-6 Years


Studdents to bring their own iPads/laptops

Class Schedule

Once a week, one hour