Students are introduced to the fascinating world of simple machines and coding through this course. Students will learn the basics of simple machines like wheel and axle, pulley and lever and build various models using our kits to perform interesting activities.  Students will also be introduced to microbit code platform, where they will learn in detail about block based programming and solve fun based challenges on the laptop.

Course Structure
  • Breadboard basics
  • Electronic circuits
  • LED blinking project
  • Introduction to Microbit
  • Rock, paper, scissors game
  • Series & Parallel circuits
  • Reaction Game Microbit
  • Logical operators (AND, NOT, OR)
  • Debugging
  • Introduction to the distance sensor
  •  Servo motors
  • Touch Compass Box
  • Self Watering plant
  • Smart Filter
Program Duration

12 sessions

Age Group

7-9 YRS

Class Schedule

Once a week, 60min


Students to bring their iPads/ Laptops, Kits will be provided