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Scratch Jr.

Age : 4-6 Years

For kids new to coding, learn to program using Scratch Jr. Make games, animation, stories and much more all while learning fundamentals of programming.


Block Programming w/ MIT Scratch

Age : 7-11 Years
To embark on the journey of coding kids start with the scratch application.

Website Development

Age : 9+ Years

Learn the nitty gritties of Web & UI design. Learn how to structure & style your pages with HTML, CSS & Javascript which are the fundamentals of any application design today.


Python Programming

Age : 11+ Years

From controlling a turtle, to drawing pictures, designing games, or writing complex algorithms using data structures, one can do it all with this versatile language Python 101.

Cyber-Security-PNG-Picture (1)

Cyber Security Using Python Programming

Age : 11+ Years

An important skillset for everyone nowadays, protect yourself from hackers by learning cybersecurity, to
web application security, to network security, to information privacy, kids learn it all using simple coding in

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