Charanya Srinivas

Coding Mentor
Charanya Srinivas
Charanya has been in the IT industry for 7 + years in India and USA. She has completed her Engineering in IT from Bangalore, India. & her master’s degree in Information Systems from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA, post which she worked 5 + years exclusively in the Pharmaceutical IT consulting area covering notable US clients based off New Jersey, USA. Her expertise span over different ERP and IT systems with industry experience in various coding and data mining languages including C, C++, SQL, R and Python. Charanya believes that the current generation of kids are truly creative and great innovators. She hopes to teach them Coding, the essential life skill of tomorrow encouraging their analytical abilities to achieve great things.

Personal Experience

NNina is a dedicated and experienced full-time nanny who has experience caring for children from infancy through 12 years. Her energetic and assertive personality is a perfect match for the busy, on-the-go family with changing needs. Nina loves animals, working out, and watching hockey. She is a responsible, reliable and trustworthy nanny who considers each day working with children a new adventure. She is a frequent speaker on the topics of global innovation and digital disruption. She is also an avid cook and history buff. You can find him dining late at night with the chefs of the hotels where he stays during his travels, or reading in his home library.

Professionals Skills

Service Orientation
Time Management
Critical Thinking


He is a services industry veteran with a diversified wealth of expertise that includes worldwide operations, delivery, process improvements, mergers and acquisitions, and integration, as well as sales and business development.

He is responsible for all delivery, operations, talent recruitment and management, and information technology. He is responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company investments.

Key Qualifications

All our preschools have all-weather indoor play areas, an art studio or an atelier, technology corners and much else; and most have outdoor play spaces and even swimming pools specifically for the younger ones. Our programs ensure that children in our care everywhere have access to the highest quality of international.We have strict criteria when selecting our teachers; they must be native English speakers with a higher degrees and most importantly. Rewarding task of instructing young children between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. Healthy meals with balanced nutrition for children. Rewarding task of instructing young children between the ages of 5 and 6 years old. Healthy meals with balanced nutrition for children.

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