Floppy Learns to Code

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About the author

Bhavna Jhunjhunwala is a programmer and educator from Mumbai, India. Before becoming a storyteller, Bhavna has worked in the software industry for the last 14 years, both in India and USA. After completing her engineering and Masters in Financial Engineering from New York, USA, she has had a successful career at many top IT companies and investment banks. She has had her stint in all the popular technologies including C, C++, Java and Python.

Now, as the mother of two young daughters, Bhavna believes in the power of early introduction of coding to kids. She believes that kids creativity along with the power of computing can enable them to create magic, and solve many of the future world problems!

Meet the characters

Floppy - the giraffe


I am a friendly giraffe inspired from “floppy disks” which was used to store huge amount of information when technology was new to mankind. I love asking Why? and learning new things.

Professor Tuning - the mandrill

Professor Tuning

Hey there! I am a mandrill (Old world monkey) and I love computers. My biggest discovery has been ENIAC who’s my best friend and accomplice.

ENIAC - the first computer


Hi. I am the first computer created by
Professor Tuning and I eat, drink, sleep numbers. I love crunching numbers and following instructions from Professor Tuning. I must say he is the only one here who
understands me completely.

Wiki - the elephant


I am Mrs. Elephant, and I know quiet a lot about the hi-tech city and everyone in the jungle. I am the oldest here and everyone considers me the wisest.

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